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Love and Hate

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Just a list of things I Love and Hate for now:

Love: Caffeine, midgets, beer, cd burner, monkeys,

Hate: Verizon, tickets, verizon, bills, verizon, people who cant drive when it rains, verizon, red sox end of the season slide, verizon,

thats it for now, thanks:tongue:

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Originally posted by kaydup

Definatly love them, unless they work for Verizon

How about the Happy Gilmore midget doing keg stands then? He must have been in his "Happy Place"

Here's mine:

Love - Getting less than 4 hours of sleep and not noticing, Basil Hayden on the rocks, getting to your car in the morning to see a meter-man giving a ticket to the car just before yours, the back-right bartender in Axis, Summers in Rangoon... luge lessons, moving into a brand-new house, every song after "Ocean of Blue" on the new Saeed & Palash comp, Danny Howells coming back to Axis, Football's Return, the fact that Friday is going to kick ass, meat helmets

Hate - not getting there in time for parking tickets, Debo defending Micro as a good DJ when if fact he actually sucks balls, Fire at Rise :(, "Endless Ocean of Blue", the Dutch, the fact that the Red Sox do this to me every motherfucking year, the bartender on the stage in Avalon, Bruin's losing in the first round to the Canadiens :mad:, moving further from the city, oh and teamj5 of course

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