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It's like a cross between Napster & Soulseek... found out about it last nite ... not sure if many of you know about it and how many actually have it. It seems like a decent proggie cuz i found most of the songs i was looking for. Check it out .. worth the DL.

ChOOse WiseLy


"The beats, the sounds, the lights that are all around your head; they close around you and cut off your thoughts ... as if it was a transposition of your soul."

- - - - - - -

AiM: EcstasyRvr

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I think SS is getting better and better. For one, I've noticed the speeds of downloads have gotten alot faster. The norm used to be 6 or 7 kbs. Now, I find alot of people have speeds of over 30 kbs..

The more people use it, the more files and better speed we'll get.:D

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