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New Holiday= D'berza

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This is off topic but hopefully next year it won't be. If you can think of another board to put this on please tell me.

Here is something my ex-fiance's dad thought of. I wanted to share it with everyone. Please spread the word.


The idea of D’berza was conceived on New Year eve 2000 by Darrel “D†Smith a US Army soldier assigned to duty in Germany. During that time the worldwide press was devoting most of their time and attention to the Y-2K scare and a myriad of other negative things that were happing around the world.

“Dâ€, convinced that worldwide good people and good happenings outweighed the bad, set out to find a way to prove it.

He thought that a special time of the year established for good citizens to demonstrate and reaffirm their faith in humanity would be well founded.

But “D†needed to find a common ground that would unite the good citizens of the world and bring them together in celebration. After some thought he realized that every culture in the world drinks and enjoys beer.

And so the celebration of D’berza was conceived. It would be a worldwide celebration of goodness. A time set aside for all good people of the world to display and renew their commitment to citizenship, community and community involvement.

And so D’berza was founded. All good citizens are encouraged to demonstrate their commitment by planning, hosting or attending a D’berza gathering where beer is consumed. Of course, quietly consuming a cold one in the solitude of your home while reflecting on a renewed commitment to community is also acceptable, although no were near as enjoyable.

D’berza is celebrated the first four days of every year (1 through 4 January). Don’t miss the celebration next year. Make plans now and host your own D’berza celebration.

Please remember - Responsible drinking is at the foundation of D’berza. D’berza is not about drunkenness and irresponsible drinking. All good citizens participating in the celebration must enjoy D’berza through responsible drinking.

Please spread the word about D’berza and don’t forget to send out your “Happy D’berza†cards this year.

D’berza – 2003 1-4 January 2003

Send a “Happy D’berza†card to your friends

Thank you and please celebrate next year. :D

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