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Please don't tell me "The Johhny Knoxville" look is in

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I've been seeing this trend a lot lately, and it's really dirty/nasty.

It almost seems to be an evolution of the grunge era, but i sure hope it won't pick up steam:

(From toe to head)

--dirty converse sneaks or very worn sandals

--very used faded jeans

--old vintage t-shirts, or untucked, button-down work shirts

--air pilot sunglasses

--messed up hair.

I seen plenty of guys sporting this look in the city. What do i think?


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I like that look on the right type of guy...alot of our fashion is taken from that streetwear look and just amped up to make it look more fashionable so it wouldnt be surprising to see weird remakes of it on the runway or in boutiques...

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