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Photon Rav'n Ribbon lights. Where to get?

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Hey, I really dig those Photon Rav'n lights. They're the ones that are white if you hold em still, but flash different colors when you move em around.

I really suck with glowsticks, but I dig these things so much, I'd practice with em till I got non-clumsy.

Problem is, they're expensive as hell! Online they're $19 - $28, and on Ebay they're as low as $14, but the shipping is jacked up.

Does anybody know where to get em cheaper or even have a pair they're sick of that I can buy?

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Thanks for the site! I went ahead and picked two up. $15 is the best price I'd found, besides auction sites. $6 seemed like too much for Shipping, though, but I didn't feel like contacting them and then waiting for a response, cuz I need em for our house party next weekend.

Got an order of the 3D glasses, too. Now, do you guys like those things, or am I just too Kandy for my own good?

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