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Lyrics - Aurora - Day It Rained Forever

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I've no regrets, time to forget,

If you look at the sun kind of a soul remedy take control of it.

Its back again, deep in my head.

But something tells me to make my move save my energy.


Is it really hurt that I feel or is it just the thought of you that’s killing me?

I don't want to break it and watch it melt away.

When I'm weak I feel the sun inside,

I knew I'd be alright,

On the day it rained forever.

All around the walls are breaking down,

Nothing makes a sound,

On the day it rained forever.


We’re angels watching the world,

But you can't stop the feeling that nothing is real. It's a dream.

So break free got to survive.

A new day is dawning just wait for a morning star.


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