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Attn: Marluna and Starshaped.....

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heh, sorry i haven't been here in a while.. i just took over another job at trance.nu.. bla bla bla..

creamfields report? u'll have to read it on trance.nu when it comes out on monday!! 'hehe, i'm writing it right now! :D

hi rob! how are you, i saw your message on trance.nu.. :) i just moved back to school a few days ago.. already got assigned 100 pages of Plato "Phaedrus" to read... OY! :mad::tongue: in the words of Rank 1: Such is Life :rolleyes::tongue:

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Hey Daniela,i'm fine thanx,just picked up my brand new car last week:D Not been out much but i might be going to Crashers birthday in a few weeks.Some people off the Crasher board want me to go meet them but it means going on my own so i'm not sure about it yet.

I'm waiting on the lineup for the next Crasher event at the NEC arena,it comes out on Monday all i know is there's a bugged out,Gatecrasher and Tidy arena and a live set from Underworld,there's alot of rumours going round about the lineup,i'm expecting something special.

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