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Custo or Casto

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I went to this party last weekend giving by Maxium Magazine and there where these four guys there wearing Custo Barcelona shirts (that was the first faux pah).

So me and some friends where sitting at the bar and two of the guys walked by, and one of my friends made a comment on how she liked his shirt, mind you we were not talking to them just talking out loud.. So one of the guys turned around and was like


very loud my friend and I looked at each other as if this was a new designer that we hadn't heard about. At the same time we both said to him no it's pronounced Custo Barcelona..

He tried to play it off like Casto / Custo it's all the same thing

(second faux pah)

(third faux pah) is the simple fact all four guys actually planned to where the same designer. They had to have called each other and was like "let's all wear our Casto shirts" how cheesy is that, and as u guys all know a Custo shirt is very easy to pick out in a crowd...

needless to say once we confronted him on his mistake he walked away pretty fast and never looked our way..

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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