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I hate people that can't make coffee!

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So we used to have an automatic coffee maker in the office, the kind where you push a button and the coffee automatically brews itself.

We got rid of that and put in regular brew pots so we could get Starbucks coffee grinds. Unfortunately, everyone here but me seems to be a fucking idiot when it comes to brewing coffee. It always comes out waaaaaaay too strong! :mad:

Anyhow, I just brewed the perfect pot. But of course, I'll get to enjoy only one cup out of it because all the fuckheads will drink it all and then not brew another. Not that I want them to brew another pot, cause they all suck at it. Fuckers. All of them. I must kill them all, shit down their spouse's throats, and eat their children...

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Originally posted by hotcheme

i've got a solution for you....

cut back on the caffeine :idea:

we have one of those automatic coffe pots and i love it. of course i fall into the category off ppl who can't make coffee...

Every morning i have a cup of 7/11 coffe :D

I can't make coffe for shit.

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