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the sex needs work....

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Im actually bored to tears with the sex in my relationship.

Ive tried again and again to teach this girl how to please me.....no friggen clue *sigh*

At first I thought it was just the orgasims...that she was too sensitive to be touched or move...which it is most of the time...

but its like a lion trying to have sex with a turtle...two seperate leauges....and I so want her to be able to keep up.

I try to take it slow..to keep her body well into it without driving her into orgaim frenzy....but she begs and pounts if I dont pound her silly...alls she wants is to cum...i have to teach her that theres so much more to it.

Im thinking of taking a nap or food when im down on her...im always thinking "Hurry up and have your multiple orgasims already so I can get some food!" its pathetic...Im not faking it...I do have passion for her...its just that im immesly disappointed by her selfishness? I dont know...

I think im going to deny her any till she makes some kind of attempt.....blah I say!

But I love the corpsicle...what to do?


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Guest gabo

my ex was the same way. she never liked going down on me and when I talked to her about it she said it was because she felt she didnt do a good job. So I gave her some pointers and made her feel good about sucking the ol wang... soon enough she became a pro... now she is using everytihng I taught her on some other dude. lol

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your the one with the problem if you think your gonna teach her anything. dude your the one with the problem if shes never satisfied. just cuz your a man dont mean you automatically control everything, especially a womans body. you need to learn bout her body vato, learn how to satisfy her, or someone else will. you have to teach her, lol, hey hombre when was the last time a girl taught you what kind of blowjobs you like?

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