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trying 2 download from soulseek and all i get r winamps

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ok, it's a basic question, i guess, but i'm really new at this.

everything i download comes to my desktop as a "winamp media file." i guess winamp is my default player, but i want windows media player to be, 'cause i just like everything to be simpler and whatnot. and wouldn't it be better if my files download as mp3s, not winamps? how do i do that?

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The best solution is given by Mangledx, but for what ever reason you want to keep Winamp for something other than playing mp3s (what ever it maybe) try the following:

Option 1

1)Double click on my computer

2)pull down tools and select folder options.

3)select the "file type" button.

4) Find mp3 and select it.

5) At the bottom you will see it says winamp. Click on change/choose program.

6) select windows media player.


A simpler solution is to open up windows media player (i'm assuming it's v7) and put the mp3s in the media library. But this way you need to open up media player before you play the song.

Good luck

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but i'll still be able to play the ones i've downloaded as winamp files on windows media player, yes? ah - just answered my own question; everything just converted itself.

the real root of my confusion is this: are these files simply mp3s? what i mean is, if i wanted to attach them to something, i could because that's the type of file these are, or are they linked only to windows media player?

* sorry i didn't get back to you earlier and thank you SO MUCH; i didn't realize cp wasn't sending me response e-mails, and i still don't know why it isn't, 'cause i have the box checked :mad: .

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The files are just mp3s.

I know it's confusing because under the column file type it ways winamp file. It just means that if you double click on it, it will open up Winamp. And if it says Windows Media Player file, then it will open up windows media player to play it. it is just an association. You can play the mp3s with any software.

Hope that helps.

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