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Having Difficulty.. downloading soul seek

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Just got back from a long vacation... to find that AG is not around...... Tried dling Soulseek, Morpheus, Winmx

and get the following message....

It takes me to a window in Quicktime... and says that quicktime is missing that file and that they don't have..

Can some one help me... and tell me what to do .. do that i don't have to go through this trouble......

Delete Quicktime....?????????????? DL another program?????

Thanks in advance!

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Soulseek is now www.slsk.org

The .exe file you download should not be opened by quicktime, so i'm assuming that the files that are giving you the quicktime error are the music files.

With quicktime opening, it sounds like you file association issues. Have you tried opening the music files with winamp or windows media player?

Hope that helps.

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