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How do You in Club Planet ........ ?

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okay , I need to know a few things , becuase im a little new on the fourms and i want to know sum things , i was wondering if ne one would help , I'm pretty sure these questions im gonna ask u are on the minds of all the noobs of Clubplanet .

1 . how do u get a picture icon under ur name

2. how do u get a a picture in to your reply ( Explain )

3 . what does the club god or other title mean under ur name and how do u bring them up ?

4. if u know ne other things that would help get me on my feet and ne other noobs can u please post them .



GeT dRuNk LiKe A MuThA *fCuK* er :beer:

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Answer to 1.

1) Go to profiles on top

2) Click on Edit Options

3) Go to the bottom and click on Change Avatar. (you can select one of theirs, upload one, or even link it to a pic on the web)

Answer to 2.

Haven't tried it yet, but I'm assuming it has something to do with the IMG button.

Answer to 3

As the number of your posts increases, your status does to.

Answer to 4

Respect other's opinions and look out for the drame :D

Best of luck

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