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Vikadan & ex

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What's the deal with vikadan can you take it in lines or is it a mouth only pill? And what does it sell for.

What's the best ex i had a little pink pill with the letters ko on it when i was in minnasota it was some killer shit and i love the hell out of it i'm in nc now and i'm trying to get the best ex there is somebody help me cause the ko's were the shit.

Main question

Who knows the name of the best ex there is?:blown:

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Chances are the pills you had were around for a week. Pills change with the weather. My recommendation to you would be to go to www.pillreports.com and look for pills in your area with high ratings.

And about Vicoden I think it's only effective orally. You can rail it, but it won't do anything for you until it hits your stomach anyway if that's the case.

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