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anybody in montreal....

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a ny'ers perspective on club aria...

pretty bangin, eh? (i overheard this at least twice during the night - we are in canada, after all)

the space: the whole concept here seemed to be deconstructing the club world. everything was in plain view - mirrors on top of the energy bars showed off what the (very cute) bartenders were doing down there, the walls were solid concrete, with a concrete lining around the perimeter of the dancefloor. the dancefloor was small by ny standards, but that's ok. The coolest feature by far was the DJ booth - placed strategically near the back of the club, with a perfect view of the dj in operation from behind the soundproof/idiot clubkid-proof glass. you would watch the djs work the decks, even down to deciding if the bass was dropped by a killswitch or if it was pressed on the vinyl. also a trainspotters dream - you can watch the spinna shuffle through his/her crate. It took all of the things that made clubbing glamourous/mysterious to outsiders (the bar, dancefloor, space) and just put it out on display. very cool. another big plus was the abundance of chillout space. i usually was able to find someplace to sit right outside the dancefloor or in the room right before it, and if not the second floor (they had hip-hop) provided ample chillout space. my biggest complaint about the space was the advertisements - for the first two hours i was there the lighting guy had nothing but the goldclub logo, and benson and hedges was plastered all over the space. the cigarette girls were a nice touch though :P

the sound: i'm no expert but here is my (novice) opinion on the setup. the sound was pumping from both the front and back of the club, which was a little awkward because everyone generally faced forward. also this led to a lot of spots where the music didn't have space, since your sound was dominated either by the front or the back bins. in the center it was a perfect balance - and they really kept it pumping hard so the kick drums reverberated through you, but they were still very clean sounding. i liked it a lot. the area outside the dancefloor proper benefitted by the directed sound, as it was easier to talk to people without hard techno blasting your eardrums.

the lights/visuals: since the dancefloor was so small i was hoping the visual guys would mix it up a bit - they have six screens and it would be cool to take advantage of it - show different things on different screens since we can see at least half of them while dancing anyway. the visuals kicked in hardcore during christian smith's set. a great touch was the puppeteers - very very cool, something i have never seen done before. its original ideas like that that set a club apart. the lighting rig was pretty standard, the yellow laser had some pretty cool programs (the dotted snake was my favorite). i thought that having the roating gobo things drop so low over the crowd looked mechanically cool, but the lights weren't really all that impressive until they were raised up high, and then they really added to the effect. also cool was the floor lights, reminiscent of a disco (well, at least the disco movies that i've seen, hehe).

the music: got there early - heard much of marco g, quite good for a local. bangin techno action made me very happy. stacey pullen started off on a dull note and i found myself dozing off during the first 30/45 minutes of his set. then he got into house proper - not the funky ny stuff or that proggy shit, but good pure bosh house. i liked that part. christian smith (who i came to see) had an amzing track selection - every piece was pretty much incredible, though i didn't think his mixing was on-point. there were a few buildups that were choppy, transitions that weren't so clean, etc. people didn't seem to mind though because by around 7 (when i left) the place was packed and everyone was still going strong. turns out the guy i was sitting next to in the back was terry francis - he was sleeping for a while and then he just woke up, went into the dj booth, had some booze and started spinning. didn't make it to see kenny glasgow, even though everyone's been raving about him both here in montreal and in nyc.

the vibe: i was stuck going by myself because everyone crapped out on me... the coatcheck lady was especially friendly, very sweet and pretty girl. there were swarms of security in the beginning of the night, but they made themselves scarce as the evening progressed. i felt a bit like everyone spoke a different language, though i think that was also because i was a little self-conscious of being by myself in a new scene. Montreal women are especially hot - methinks its the combination of urban hipness with french chic.... yum yum! the lack of alcohol made for a friendly environment, though i would have loved to have had a few vodka/redbulls.

what struck me the most about the vibe is that the music was extremely current, but the vibe felt like a trancer from a few years ago. in nyc you will be chastized for glowstick use and rolling is basically unheard of anywhere there is good techno. it was so nice to be able to listen to bangin techno while waving around glowsticks without fear that the techno-snob police won't expel you like a leper.

so in all, i enjoyed my taste of the montreal scene. i wish i didn't have to do it alone (i would have stayed longer for sure!) but i'm really glad i went...

until the next one....



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Wow man! Quite a lenghty one. Your posts are beginning to look like mine.

Congrats on your promotion to Club God! :eek::rolleyes::D

Interesting analysis of Aria. I agree with you... there's a lot of really good shit goin' on there. Unfortunately the most important one in my opinion is still missing. A killer crowd. No crowd = no vibe = no party for me. But the venue itself is impressive. That DJ booth man! You're right. It's something else.

So what's up with you young maaaan! Have you finally hoked-up with JY? Have'nt seen her in a while.

Allright man... next time you're in town, gimme a freakin' call! I could have hooked you up with friends who were goin' to Cream. And I would have had a good party for you on friday before you hit Aria. Nice litle laid back tec night with a beatifull crowd. A new night/venue I'm promoting. You'll know next time man. Put my number in your phone book (and dont leave home without it. Otherwise we'll never do that NY Mtl get together. It has been what?... a year and a half now?

next time man!

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