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No Space for Bass <lol>

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Russians say pop star's space trip off

MOSCOW (CNN) -- Russian officials Tuesday said 'N Sync singer Lance Bass will not be taking off for a trip next month to the orbiting international space station as Bass representatives say they are still trying to salvage the deal. Bass had hoped to fly to the space station aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket on October 28. But the singer stopped cosmonaut training at Russia's Star City and the Russians are saying he won't be back. Russian space officials said a Russian and a Belgian will be making the flight. In Bass' place on the trip will be a cargo container, they said.

The Russians said Bass could not come up with the money for the


. . .I'm not sure why, but I'm obsessed with this entire melodrama. I think the bolded sentence says it all!

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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:idea: If everyone who reads this gives me all their money and collects money (*steals) for me. I will check to see how much it costs. :D I may not fly but I will see if I have enough and I will tell ya'll the price. :D Then you can collect money from the people you forgot to get it from and tell me how the trip was. :tongue:

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