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OMG!!! this brings back so many memorys,i fucking love this cd. I never liked cd one that much but cd2 was my fave for ages.Any cd which has Megamind-Taub on it is ok by me,Picotto still drops it all the time even after so long.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1. I know you like it (Original mix) - Pascal Vegas

2. The return of nothing (Original mix) - Sandstorm

3. Organic overload (Original mix) - Portimento Passout

4. Sovereign rings (Red mix) - Diamond Geezers

5. Higher (Morales main mix) - David Morales & Albert Cabrerra

6. Down down down (Klub kings mix) - Gambafreaks

7. Play it for the punters - Jark Prongo

8. Pumpin (Flickman remix) - Novy vs Eniac

9. Caned and unable (Original mix) - Hi-Gate

10. Surreal Brazil - Florain F

11. The drug (DJ Worris meets DJ Gary mix) - DJ Worries

12. Lochfresser (30 mix) - Burgy

13. A9 (Original mix) - Ariel

14. Piano moment - The Soul Bandit

15. Girls like us (Sharp house mix) - B15 Project

16. Front to the back (Rhythm masters vocal mix) - Cut Masters

17. Relations (Joff Roach mix) - Continuous cool

18. Groove Jet (Original mix) - Spiller

19. Sexual (Deep dish cheez, whiz remix) - Amber

Disc: 2

1. Song to the siren - Lost Witness

2. Die blechtrommel (Club mix) - Taiko

3. Somthing about you (DJ Gary mix) - The Act

4. Free to ride (Fat tire mix) - Crazy Malamute

5. Skydive (Original mix) - Feefall

6. It's my turn - Angelic

7. Learning to fly (Major problem mix) - Mothers Pride

8. Keep it that way (pulsedriver remix) - DJ Jam X

9. Sector .30 (sector mix) - Ricky Effe

10. Autumn (Megamind mix) - Lava

11. Time to burn - Storm

12. Sandstorm (Original mix) - Darude

13. Beautiful (Original mix) - Matt Darey & Mash Up

14. Sunrise (Original mix) - Golden Scan

15. Tell me why (PvD remix) - Paul Van Dyk & Saint Etienne

16. Viola - Moogwai

17. Mankind 06 - DJ Misjah

18. Kick drum domination - Nuw idol

19. Taub (Picotto mix) - Megamind

20. Bang the drum - Dial M for Moguai

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