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Avalon/Axis this Friday...

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There's definitely nothing there that would interest me enough to go. Dave Ralph is a joke (last time I heard him spin at Avalon I wouldn't to rip him out of the DJ booth). DnB won't get me in Axis... so I'm thinking other things.

I'd say Pravda, but I REALLY need to stop spending money. So who knows.

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Originally posted by teamj5

I'll be there....banged up as always


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: That just struck me as being VERY funny.

Not sure what I'm doing tonight.. possibly going to the Milky Way in JP to hear a friend of a friend's band, but who knows.

Hey, last night we had the first official, mock "after hours" at my new place. We basically got drunk at Davis Square, then had like a dozen people follow us back to our place. My roomate was blaring Frank Sinatra louder than it should EVER be played at 2am and we got no complaints from the neighbors... all good signs for the future! :D

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