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NON SEX Topic "Return To The Underground..."

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Return To The Underground...


I Just Read A few articles about venues closing; it seems like is in everywhere not just in UK.

Here in Mexico the big BOM of raves and clubs was just starting but seems like everything happened so fast because government is making people wanting the old fashion parties or raves so is this means UNDERGROUND has return?

well i think we will end doing that,the situation is getting worst we cant go to a club without getting police mans in the middle of a set checking on us,not to mention they act so rude to everybody including the DJ , stop the music and make the party finish

now they have put a new law,all clubs have to close down at 2:00am ?????????? WHAT??????? you get out of there all drunk and there is check points in every single street so what is the plan have the entire city in jail ?????

WATS going on ? why all of a sudden government is so interested in what we are dancing,what we are hearing,

where do we go and what are we SNORTING or sniffing ?????

i know is a matter of drugs but that doesn't mean they have the right to ruin our night or parties...

anyway i will like to hear what is ur oppinion

do u think this will not last long ?

how do u feel ?

is this also happening in ur contry ?

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