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al-Jazeera Al Qaeda confessions

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You think the Muslim world will still think that 9/11 was an American-Israeli conspiracy?..(polls in some countries showed greater than 80%)

How about the French?

Jazeera TV Says Has Qaeda Confession on Sept 11

Thu Sep 5, 8:32 PM ET

By Inal Ersan

DUBAI (Reuters) - Arabic television station al-Jazeera said on Thursday it had confessions from two men it identified as members of Osama bin Laden ( news - web sites)'s al Qaeda network claiming the group was responsible for the September 11 attacks.

A Jazeera official identified the two men as Yemen-born Ramzi bin al-Shaibah, a former room-mate of Mohamed Atta, one of the 19 hijackers of the aircraft which were flown into U.S. landmarks.

The other man, Khaled al-Sheikh Mohammad, appears on a U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI ( news - web sites)) Web site list of most-wanted "terrorists." The Web site however does not link him to al Qaeda. Shaibah was not on the FBI most-wanted list.

In the first part of a documentary aired on Thursday, the Qatar-based channel, noted for its footage of bin Laden, said the two men were interviewed in Karachi, Pakistan, but did not say when.

"In the second part of this documentary, there will be the first direct confession as to how al Qaeda planned and executed the September 11 (attacks)," Yosri Fouda, the journalist who prepared the documentary, said. The second part will be aired next Thursday.

Washington blames Saudi-born militant bin Laden and al Qaeda for the attacks that killed more than 3,000 people. Al Qaeda officials have welcomed the attacks as "blessed" acts of holy struggle, but the group has not so far claimed responsibility for them.

The interviews were arranged by an al Qaeda liaison officer, identified by the channel as Abu Bakr. It gave no further details about the interview.

On its Internet site the FBI said Mohammad was wanted for "alleged involvement in a conspiracy plot based in Manila...to bomb the commercial United States airlines" in 1995.

The FBI list does not link Kuwait-born Mohammad to al Qaeda, but said he was indicted in January 1996 and sets a $25 million reward for information leading to his arrest or conviction.


The Jazeera documentary, titled "Top Secret," showed still pictures it identified as being of Ramzi and Mohammad, but it did not show their faces in what appeared to be footage from the interviews.

It showed the bare foot of a man clad in traditional Pakistani robes sitting on the floor in a room with Fouda, and the back of the head and part of the profile of a man with a black beard and a dark complexion.

Fouda said he was taken by "professionals" through "mazes" in the busy streets of Karachi with his eyes covered until he arrived in an apartment building where he met the two men.

"He (Mohammad) led me through a corridor to a room on whose floor Ramzi bin al-Shaibah in the flesh was sitting, both men are wanted with a (U.S.) bounty of $25 million for each."

Fouda continued: "Khaled (Sheikh Mohammad) jokingly asked me 'do you recognize us now?' I said: 'Your faces seem to be familiar'. Ramzi responded by saying: 'If you don't know who we are yet, you can rest assured that you will know when the intelligence dogs start to knock on your door'."

Jazeera did not broadcast any remarks by the two men indicating any link between al Qaeda and the September 11 attacks. But two officials of the channel told Reuters it had "confessions."

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