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09/11 in boston

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(ok switch gears for a second to something serious ....)

so what is Boston doing next week in honor of the 09/11 anniversary?

*just curious*

and/or what are you all going to be doing next wednesday (if anything). is anyone taking the day off from work? or did your company give you the day off?

my company jsut released a memo today stating that we will have work but will have the tv on with broadcasts and that we may be excused to attend any services....

I am going to a memorial that day.... a girl i grew up with was on the plane that struck the second tower.... andn her family is coming to the city for the memorials and services.

I still can't believe its been a year :(

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I've heard of a few club/band benefits where the money is going to Fire Departments, charities, etc. on 9-11. I'm sure there will be memorials and such as well.

Here at work we're having a flag raising ceremony at 8:30. Any veterans in the company will raise the flag. We were also encouraged to wear red, white and blue :rolleyes: Sorry, that just doesn't sound like the best way to remember this event to me. The whole tragic event has been turned into a pro-U.S. propaganda fest as opposed to actually remembering and mourning the victims. And I'm REALLY sick of watching TV networks, publishers, newspapers, etc. cash in on the events of 9/11 and it's really starting to turn my stomach.

Sorry to hear about your friend Sue. :(

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