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Hey! Welcome to this forum :D

You seem like a kool person, very worthy of the BuMp "..." clan. You just seem to have that special "something" that we all here have :tongue:

I see you're into acting. ever do anything in New York ? im a fan of the stage and screen :cool:

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:D wow a special welcoming ! thanks much! (i know, i sorta slid in)

proud to be on the bump and "..." forum (shhhh its the best one;))

I wont go into my life story but I used to dance at SAB (lincoln center) and I did a show at the Lambs' Theatre its midtown Off-broadway. Havent hit the silver screen yet just small films that my student friends in filmschool were doing

blah blah yada yada yada

i am looking for work and and at place in the city


(All of CP after reading this forum):laugh:

thanks again for the special welcome:tongue:

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