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Bad typing days

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Don' t you have days when you can't type for your life?

You get to the point where your making so many mistakes that you wanna take the keyboard and throw it across the [email protected]!! ughhh wtfsfklajop sfop;!!1111111!!!!!!!!!:mad: :mad: :blown:

same goes for handwriting, one day ill have the nicest handwriting, and then other days ill get so annoyed at how im writing that ill seriously want to re-write everything i wrote that day.

and sad to say sometimes i do:mad: :mad:

that just really annoys me.

Alotta times though, it has to do with the kind of pen im writing with.

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i have thrown my keyboard (and phone, and mouse, and various other things within reach) across the room...

I don't advise it ;)

it just creates more problems and gets you more angry :cuss:

(yes, i still throw stuff across the room, just not as frequently)

whats the stupidest/weirdest thing you have thrown across the room/out the window/at someone????

ill tell mine later :tongue:

- N

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