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Getting caught by the authorities

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This happened to me for the first time about a month ago..............

Me and my boyfriend decided to go to my parent's house in Pennsylvania for the weekend. So we left on Thursday night at around 11pm. He's driving on the highway, and I decide to do a few bumps of coke. So then he wants to take a break from driving and do a few bumps himself. So we're sitting there in the car talking, talking feeling good. Here's the thing though, usually when I've done coke, Ive never gotten horny, but wow was this time different. All of a sudden we both got so horny. We seriously like jumped on eachother, which was kinda hard since my car's kinda small lol

So i wound up taking of my pants and shirt, all I had on was my bra, and all he had on was, um nothing lol.

So we were going at it for about 20 minutes, when all of a sudden, we see flashing cop lights behind us.

OMFG I did not know what to do, I was so scared and nervous wtf lol

And of course our clothes was everywhere so we didnt have time to find them and no time to put them on. So I grabbed my pillow and attempted to cover myself lol and so did my bf.

So of course the cop comes to the window and asks to see liscence and all that.

The whole time though im thinkin "fuck there's a ton of coke in the car"!!!! and im praying he doesnt decide to do a search.

Then after he comes by my window and asks me, "miss, are you sure you want to be here?"

Meaning "are you sure ur not a hooker?"

I was like yeah im sure , im his girlfriend.

The cop was pretty cool though, he said he sees this sort of thing alot on the highway lol

but yeah i was relieved when he said, "ok kids have a nice night."

so anyone else wanna share a similar story?


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haha we weren't where hookers fuck, we were just pulled over on the side of the highway.

Hey it was in the heat of the moment and we sure as hell couldn't wait another hour to get to the house lol

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Originally posted by atomicapples

i got caught giving head to dgmodel when we were driving back from the hamptons on the LIE. fucking cops.

i keep telling them it was cream custard.

hmmm...did you toss his salad later too?

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