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actually...has anyone ever tried to rape an animal...

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Originally posted by darthvader

sassa...you ever let your daddy fuck you in the mouth.....ever eat your dog's shit...or bit off your granny's nipples?

you are one fucked up bitch! :confused: :confused: :confused:

no, i didn't grow up in hicksville, like you did.

loser, can't you just laugh...:rolleyes:

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WEll, the other day my strange horney 35 year old co-worker asked me: "Have you ever had any experiance with animals?"

I was SO shocked that he just waltzed into my office and camly asks that question..... the he without waiting for an answer started to tell me that the time when he was a teenager and somehow got his dog to start licking his ass while he jerked off... How the hell I'm I suposed to act after hearing a story like that ! OMG Vegas is wacked and finished....

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