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Question For The Ladies!


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Men have always heard that women love Big Cocks! With the average Vagina being 4 inches deep, How can you enjoy or take any more than that? If you can't even take it which from what I have seen even the best pornstars can't. Why is bigger than 6-7 inches better? How can you want more than you as women can take? Vagina, Ass or BJ it just doesn't happen. Now before the idiots start, I am very happy with my cock. I have nothing but Love for women. I just wondered why alot of them talk crap that they can't even handle.:cool:

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Wouldnt you want a lot of money??? even more then fits in your pocket??? its always better to have something and not need it then to need something and not have it... but seriously now...

i think theyre reffering to an equal balance of girth and length... not just long dicks...

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You have missed the point dgmodel. I am talking about tons of women talking about and saying things that are total crap because they themselves can't even handle. It's just like If I say I want a woman with 36 zzz Tits. Come on. It's a complete waste. So how is more than you can handle good? Look at many porn movies where the women can't even handle half of the guy.

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4" is dead wrong, the vagina is very elastic, it's able to stretch A LOT (duh, we squeeze babies out of there), moreso when a woman is aroused.

Anyway, it's girth, not length that's most important. ;)

Anyway, why are you so defensive about this? Saying that we all talk crap??? And who's talking crap anyway? There are size queens out there who want nothing but big dicks, but who knows, maybe they have loose pussies or something. As far as I'm concerned, as long as it's within the normal size range it's all good.

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I'm not being defensive. I just asked a question which is quite correct if you think about it. I never said all women. I said there are some that do talk like that.

Average Vagina Size

3 inches along the posterior wall with a diameter of 0.8 inches, though in stimulated phase it balloons to 3.75-4.1 in long by 2.3-2.5 inches in diameter.

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Dgmodel, here is the Avg circumference of a male.

Erect penis circumference (in.)


Your wants are close to Normal.

What is your breast size?

the reason I am asking is because if you are an A then men could complain. Point is that there are women who expect more than average. It works both ways.

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