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Have You Ever Had Sex In A Club!


Have U Ever Had Sex In A Club  

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  1. 1. Have U Ever Had Sex In A Club

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Has Anyone Done It In A Club!

I got a mean hummer from my Ex girlfriend at CPI lasy year!!

I had an hour of good love making with a lady friend of mine at Sound Factory in the Level 1 bathroom on JP's Birthday!!!!

come to think of it 1 hour in factory time could be an eternity!

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Originally posted by rachel1997


= nice word for slutty (i think)

anyway, what´s tacky about that? it´s just having fun in the spour of the moment, plus a lot of girls get off on the exhibitionist factor. i remember sucking a girl´s tits right on the dancefloor and she was getting sooo wild and encouraging me to go further. lol the bouncers came and told us to get a room or calm down :laugh:

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yes it was on a jazz bar in Turkey,Istanbul i was there with 30 or 40 freinds we were seating on a big table all of us and i was flirting with one of them all night long after a wile of touching our selves under the table i went to the bathroom wich was only one for the entire bar no woman no man baths it was mix heheh and it was really small but nice and clean so i went there and he came knock on the door i open and the wild sex start sorry for dose who kept knocking hahahahahahah

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Do stripclubs count? :laugh:

I was at CBGB's last friday...had to be 330 ish in the morning...

place closes around 4 something...so I was slapstick drunk off reddevils and I stagger into the bathroom to find this guy doggystyling his girl hard and she was moaning wickedly...(now this bathroom redifines skanky...worse then a shitter in a pub in scottland) ..me I shrug walk in up to the urenal and release the borrowed beer (because you never really own beer...just borrow it for awhile)

So while im wizzing way they happy horny couple never even breaks rythm :hump: but then as I was finishing the guy said hey I said hey she said hey I smirked...he asked me if I wanted some....I stumbled back up the stairs..he waved goodbye...she moaned even louder...*snaps his fingers* ...if I only had a rubber on me...naa I was drunk enough to want to but sober enough not to.

Moral of this story...if you want to cum come prepared!


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