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Sander in Pacha Tel Aviv 6.20.02


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Originally posted by vicman

on soulseek, 3hrs and 20min

listening to it right now, sounds perrrrty good. :dj:

so much for the moron on the buzz board who said sander cant mix :blown:

I like how he said "If you listen to his Okyo mix, you'll hear him trainwreck".

Ooooooooooh, he trainwrecked. It's the end of the world. That MUST mean he sucks. :blown:

Apparently, the dumbass doesn't know about the approximately 2000 things that can happen while mixing that could cause a dodgy mix. And so fucking what if he wrecked. Good God, sometimes I wish fuckers like that would just stay home. They ruin the party for everyone else.

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