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innies vs. outties...

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1. Girls wont get mad if one girl say that her

pussy is bigger.

2.Girls don't have to buy the condoms in

order to get laid on a regular basis.

3. Girls don't have to worry about ever getting

hair on our chest, but they have to worry

about the size of there nipples out growing

the actual breast.

4.Girls go to the bar and the guys buy all the

drinks. Girls even have ladies nights

5.Girls can paid 20x's the amount a guy can

for being in a porn.

What a girl looks for in a guy.

1. A criminal record

2. A extra large cock

3. How many tatoos are around there nipples.

4.How many drugs they sell in one week

5.What hand they jerk off with.

this indicates what breast will be most

sore after sex

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