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Shall we have another shagfest?


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Any suggestions, comments? Do any of you care to meet one another? I know for one I haven't been around in say 3 months or so and there seems to be many new people around . . .Would anyone like to be broken in . . . The last shagfest was great and I think the place that was chosen by Clubkat and myself was definitely a good spot . . . So anyone game for some whips and spanks??? I need to refresh my spankin techniques :spank::whip:

- :whip2: - FIERY

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Originally posted by marcid21

I agree...I liked Bahi Bar....and....they have the convenient lil' FUCK ME room... :tongue:

huh? what? where?

aaaanyway...I liked bahi too, but I wonder if it's a lil too small for the amount of people that showed up last time? Maybe not...but definitely someplace new. Either way, I'll be there :)

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