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"naked boys singing"

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i don't know if this is still running or not, but i'm assuming it is, 'cause it's been hella successful and had been running for seven years when i saw it a couple of years ago.

"naked boys singing" is a show in (where else?) the west village, on 7th ave. those of you in nyc should have heard of it... anycrap, it is, basically, what it's called. a musical revue done by naked guys. not entirely naked all the time, though, it's not that boring. (i was surprised to find "costume designer" in the program before the show :laugh: .) the songs are all original, and hella funny. they run the gamut from "the naked maid" to "the bliss of a briss" and address such issues as showering together in high school and in the gym as adults, and spying on your neighbors. hilarious, but, even though i was sitting in the third row of this tiny off-broadway theater, the relative with whom i saw the show fell asleep :confused: . how one falls asleep when faced with about nine naked guys singing in front of one is beyond me...

anyway, i was reminded of this by all the recent threads about dick size. at one point, the guys are in a kickline ( :rofl: ), all in a row, and there you have it, the differences between them all, all at once. and ya just have to be proud of the guy with the 4.25 inch penis :aright::D .

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