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Lol Read This Shit

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joeg meetup: so LL is gonna reopen crappy, twilo/tunnel are Gone... arc is hit or miss... exit sucks.... sf is ok.... what is this city gonna do for entertainment?

flooed: got to find this post somewhere on honda-tech

joeg meetup: thoughts/opinions/questions/comments?

BoKa36: im gona drink a lot

flooed: personally

flooed: i will go to dna

joeg meetup: serg: where?

joeg meetup: whats dna?

flooed: tiesto is the house dj on fridays


flooed: off the meat rack

BoKa36: of the hizzle my nizzzzzzle

MartyMixtape: I was there this past week

MartyMixtape: madddd good

joeg meetup: where is that? whats the dress code? is it big?

BoKa36: pretty big

BoKa36: illll light show

flooed: dna is like sf and exit combined

MartyMixtape: bigger than exit I think

joeg meetup: whoa

joeg meetup: is there a dress code?

joeg meetup: how much $?

GorgeousSal: dna is awesome...

joeg meetup: chris: you ever heard of DNA?

GorgeousSal: the girls there are amazing..

MartyMixtape: no dress code

BoKa36: yes sir

joeg meetup: wheres it located?

BoKa36: mostly greek chix

GorgeousSal: astoria

joeg meetup: ahhhhh

joeg meetup: thats why i've never heard of it

joeg meetup: how much to get in?

MartyMixtape: its a little secret

MartyMixtape: 25 I believe

GorgeousSal: one of the best kept secrets.

joeg meetup: yo, one night lets all go

MartyMixtape: def.

flooed: i dont think man boobs are allowed

BoKa36: ahahahahah

BoKa36: ur the worst tony

MartyMixtape: we should go when vicious is there

joeg meetup: what about small egg rolls?

MartyMixtape: http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=118344

GorgeousSal: tony whos that porno star that signed my stomach there?

MartyMixtape: fawwwkkkkiiiinnngggg

flooed: LOL

joeg meetup: :)

flooed: LOL

flooed: jk joeg

flooed: yes

joeg meetup: i know bro, relax

flooed: a playboy model signed dg stomach

flooed: she was hot

flooed: i got to lick her neck

flooed: for reals

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