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Buzz Ends Its Nine Year Run In Washington, Dc


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September 18, 2002 Amanda Huie, amanda@buzzlife.com


On Wednesday, September 18th, after increased pressure from the DC Government, the United States Military and the United States Federal Government, Buzzlife Productions announces that it’s weekly event, Buzz will no longer take place in Washington, DC, effective immediately.

A two and a half year investigation of DC nightclubs was launched by the military to supervise the off-duty hours of their local personnel. Unfortunately, the irresponsible behavior of a few triggered a large-scale clampdown on all military nightlife activities. In early September Nation nightclub was declared off-limits to all servicemen. However, the “witch-hunt†was not over.

In an unprecedented move, the United States Military and the DC Police Department joined forces to share information and resources targeting both the Friday night event Buzz and the nightclub Nation. Innocent patrons were harassed and Nation management was threatened with legal action that could result in the loss of their liquor license.

“It is unfortunate that events that cater to the youth of America historically become targets of government agencies,†comments Amanda Huie, Buzzlife Director of PR and Marketing. “As leaders in this industry, we will not allow Buzz to become a scapegoat, and in essence, tarnish all electronic dance music events.â€

Buzzlife, in July of 2002, exposed the injustice of The RAVE Act. This act, being pushed through the Senate, is a clear violation of civil liberties, a person’s right to choose the music they listen to, and an innocent businessman’s right to provide a venue for the music their patrons’ request. Buzzlife’s leadership resulted in national media coverage, protests around the country and the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Leahy’s decision to remove himself as a sponsor of the bill.

Buzzlife Productions is America’s leader in electronic dance music marketing and event promotion. First created in 1993 after a series of successful weekly and one-off events, the company rose to become the #1 Mega-Club in America, as voted by URB Magazine for the past four years.

“We are looking to the future,†says Scott Henry, President of Buzzlife Productions. “With a love of electronic dance music and the people in this scene, Buzzlife will continue to bring the best music to the United States.â€

Log on to www.buzzlife.com to find out what will happen next!


Buzzlife Productions

3207 M Street NW

Washington, DC 20007

Buzz memberships now available for FREE

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Buzz – voted # 1 mega-club in the U.S. by Urb Magazine 2001

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