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From the BuzZ Board - more military bull

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This kind of shit pisses me off to no end. . WTF IS AN ECSTASY PARTY?

September 13, 2002

ESC members restricted from attending ‘raves’

By Lt. Gen. Bill Looney

ESC Commander

Air Force commanders have the inherent authority and responsibility to protect personnel under their command, to take action to ensure the mission is performed, and to maintain good order and discipline. Installation commanders may declare areas, and specific establishments, off-limits to help maintain discipline, health, safety, morale and welfare of military members. Such action may also prevent service members from being exposed to or victimized by crime-conducive conditions. I have concluded that a policy is necessary prohibiting military members assigned to Hanscom Air Force Base from attending events qualifying as “Ecstasy Parties†as that term is defined below. The culture surrounding these events has created an environment conducive to illegal drug use and trafficking, which has lead to dramatically increased criminal prosecutions of military members. Accordingly, I find that the prevalence of illegal drug activity occurring at these parties makes the presence of military members contrary to the health, morale, discipline, readiness and personal safety of our members as well as contrary to the accomplishment of our mission.

“Club drug†is a general term for a number of illicit drugs, primarily synthetic, that are predominantly encountered at these Ecstasy parties . According to the DEA Chief of Operations, Joseph D. Keefe, during Congressional testimony on 30 July 2001, “club drugs have become such an integral part of the rave circuit that there are no longer appears to be an attempt to conceal their use.†These drugs principally include 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), also known as Ecstasy, Ketainine, Rohypnol, GHB, LSD (Acid), PCP (Angel Dust), methamplietainine, and to a lesser extent, cocaine, and psilocybin mushrooms (Shrooms). One of the many dangers associated with this environment is that the quality of the drugs available varies significantly and substitute drugs are often sold when suppliers are unable to provide the drug currently demanded. Not only does this lead to a greater risk of overdose; but also the lack of knowledge regarding what drug was ingested can complicate the task of emergency response personnel.

Ecstasy is the most popular of the club drugs. When taken, the drug often leads to severe dehydration and heat stroke. The most critical, life-threatening response to Ecstasy is hyperthermia or excessive body heat. While the long-term effects of Ecstasy use are under evaluation, a 1999 study conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse revealed that the drug causes damage to the neurons that utilize serotonin to communicate with other neurons in the brain and that recreational users of Ecstasy risk permanent brain damage.

The number of AFOSI investigations of Ecstasy use alone by Air Force members increased almost 300% from 1999 to 2000. In the last year, at Hanscom Air Force Base alone, there were nine courts-martial involving illegal drugs, six of which involved Ecstasy. Five of the six courts-martial involved Ecstasy use at Ecstasy parties.

Therefore, I hereby order that no Air Force member assigned to this installation shall attend an Ecstasy party, or what has in the past been commonly referred to as a “Rave,†unless your presence is a necessary part of your military duties or authorized by your immediate commander. in other words as a narc --cookie These parties are frequently conducted in a covert fashion to avoid detection by law enforcement. They are sometimes advertised over the Internet, through flyers, secret phone numbers or mailing lists. If these parties are advertised, they typically do not provide its exact location until the evening of the scheduled event. They may ultimately be held at a warehouse, an abandoned building, a hall or even barns. Other times, they may take place at legitimate establishments, such as nightclubs or fair grounds.

While Ecstasy parties may take various forms and be held at a variety of locations, there are a number of factors frequently associated with such events: they are usually “all ages†(often appealing to those too young to legally purchase alcohol), charge high entrance fees; overnight parties with hours of operation beginning in the late evening and continuing until the early morning hours; disc jockeys play house or techno style dance music with a fast, pounding beat and choreograph light or laser shows; “chill rooms†where people can go to cool off-, large, overcrowded dance floors with no air conditioning; attendees frequently take mind-altering drugs, dance holding glow sticks, wear glow bracelets, necklaces or pins with flashing lights, wear candy necklaces, suck pacifiers or lollipops, wear surgical masks, and utilize otherwise legal substances, such as Vick’s Vapor Rub to enhance the effects of illegal drugs. Also, promoters, understanding the dehydrating effects of “club drugs,†have been known to prohibit sources of free water, by turning off the water in the restroom for example, and then provide a large quantity of bottled water for sale, often times at a considerable markup. It is this type of event, regardless of venue, that is prohibited.

Ecstasy is a synthetic psychoactive drug with amphetamine-like and hallucinogenic properties. Abuse of the drug may cause psychological problems similar to those associated with methamphetamine and cocaine abuse including confusion, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, and paranoia. The physical effects include muscle tension; involuntary teeth clenching, blurred vision, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. Ecstasy taken in high doses is extremely dangerous, causing a marked increase in body temperature leading to muscle breakdown and kidney and cardiovascular system failure. Ecstasy abuse may lead to a heart attack, stroke, and seizures. Recent research links Ecstasy to long-term, possibly permanent damage to parts of the brain that are used for thought and memory. Individuals who develop a rash after abusing Ecstasy may be at risk of severe liver damage or other serious side effects.

This order is not intended to prohibit attendance at conventional licensed establishments in the business of selling alcoholic beverages that keep normal business hours, usually closing by 0 100 or 0200, and enforce age limits (bars, taverns, dance clubs, etc.); nor does this order prohibit attendance at sporting or musical events or performances such as concerts or festivals. Any person wishing to attend a party, but unsure of whether the event falls within the prohibitions of this order, may request permission from their unit commander. Commanders are delegated the authority to use their discretion, consistent with the intent of this order, in deciding whether to allow members of their command to attend the desired event. Violation of this order by attending an Ecstasy party without authorization is punishable under Articles 90 or 92, Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Additionally, I hereby order that every Air Force member assigned to Hanscom Air Force Base has the affirmative obligation to report other Air Force members who distribute or attempt to distribute Ecstasy or other club drugs on or off this installation. This additional order is an essential component of this installation’s Ecstasy eradication efforts and fosters the preservation of good order and discipline.

This order shall apply at all times, including when a member is on leave status. This order will remain in effect from 10 September 2002 to 10 September 2003. After that time period, I will determine whether this order shall be extended.

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you got me :confused:

no aircoditioning........some places its to f'n cold. I went to Glow last week and almost froze to death.

Who writes this shit. I don't care if I do work for them.

I remember last year in Tx. It was my b-day Fri and I was actually gonna put in a pass for Friday night so I could stay out and party with my friends but the commander made everyone be back in by 9pm because she got word there was a rave in town. :mad: I was mad. I ended up eating my b-day cake with chopsticks, with two of my Korean friends. Funny story there. I had never even used chopsticks before that yet alone eat cake with them. Lets just say it was messy. Anyways, military is tupid when it comes to these things (hell...anything at that). Back then I wasn't in this scence so I didn't understand it so it pissed me off more.

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