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Acapulco World Sound Festival

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I've been to Mexico more times that I can count and I have never hit a touristy spot - with the exception of Mexico City once.

I'd totally be up for a trip to Alcapulco but that is the weekend of my sis's wedding. Damn, everything is happening that weekend. I'll be kinda close to Mexico... er I'll be in Texas ;)

I can teach you some useful Spanish phrases to pick up women - I don't know how much help Vic would be :rolleyes:

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i generally try to avoid turisty areas...i didnt like the hotel zone in cancun because of the same reason, i just went to the beach and got the hell out and spent most of my time in the proper city of cancun.

i dunno just start speaking russian and theyll probably go away, 'cos i doubt that they know russian. they probably know enough english to get by.

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