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13 on 13 Anniv Party CD track listing

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According to Tower.com, the CD will be out Oct. 22nd


1. Question - Chris Cargo

2. Penetration - Borgo Manero

3. To Get Down (Rock Thing) - Timo Maas

4. Hear You Now - Hooligan

5. Ir Roll - Gaetano Parisio

6. Under Acid Pressure - Mr. Sam

7. Going Through It - Jonathan Peters

8. Notre Rencontre - Minimal 421

9. Edge Of Now - Selway

10. Carnival Part 1 - Ben Sims

11. Heat, The - Quartz

12. B1 - Gaetano Parisio

13. Where U At - Ignition Technician

14. NYCU - Loki


1. I Wish You Were Here - John Creamer/Stephane K.

2. You Give Me Music - Lillian

3. Hypnotized - Oscar G./Stryke

4. Chemical Shift - Sleepfreaks

5. Feel This - Rhythm Unlimited

6. Escape (Driving To Heaven) - 16B/Morel

7. Syntrifical - Tad Hutchinson

8. Gut Drum - Mahattan

9. Weather - Christian Smith/John Selway

10. Angel Dust - Twisted Playboys

11. Mantra - Away/Lydia Rhodes

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Originally posted by DJMikeE

Watch out for track 6 and 7 on disc one to be played together with the "Jonathan Peters at the Soundfactory" sample :D

i remember that, and they sounded sick together...but what happened to Hollywood? It came in right after Carnival. :confused:


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Originally posted by ibclubbin

nah i had just walked in....although i know i spent the rest of that day in one......fuckin They Say Vision felt like 2 hours:jar:


you are totally right..... in matter of fact, when hollywood came on, i was chillen with DJ Mike E on the balcony opposite of the stage.

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