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KFC Customer Gets Pot With Chicken

Mon Sep 23, 8:13 AM ET

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (AP) - A Mill Valley KFC restaurant employee was arrested after a customer received a little something extra with his chicken dinner.

This customer received two bags of marijuana Friday, instead of the extra biscuits he had requested.

The customer gave the marijuana back to the employee, got his extra biscuits and called police.

Police arrested Carlos Ayala, 26, of Vallejo, shortly after the customer complained about the pot.

Marin County Sheriff's deputies said they found Ayala with a small amount of marijuana, a handgun and about $500 in his possession.

Ayala often worked the drive-up window at the restaurant and authorities say he may have been selling the marijuana to customers who used the right secret word as a code.


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Who the fuck would complain about getting a bag of weed with their meal? are they stupid and why would you call the pigs? whats the fucking point in doing that? This story just gave me an idea though.... hehehehe :smoke:

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