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Celeb Daredevil

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Well, I am in my new cubicle. My posts maybe less now.

Last night on TV I saw this celeb daredevil show. There were 3 celebs...1. some model 2. Dennis Rodman 3. Lorenzo Lamos

1. model= had 5 sets of fireproof clothes on and was set on fir for 30secs. She ran around like a flapping bird on top of a roof. She stayed on fir 10secs longer than she had to. She did this because on eof her worst fears is having her private parts catch on fire.

2. Dennis Rodman drove a car off of a 200ft cliff. He was so excited he just kept yelling oh yeah..woo hoooooo...until the rope caught him a =nd he swung back into the cliff and hit himself. He was unconcious for a min or 2. That shut him up. I'm sorry to say this but this was hilarious. You just see him yelling then Bam!

Then the announcer is like "I was scared" and one of the daredevil team members is like "well he could of gone down with the car" in a smart ass way.

3. Lorenzo Lamos rides a motorcycle over cars. He makes the land but afterwards he shows off. He is popping wheelies (?) and falls with the bike.

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