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So I came across this Johnny Vicious set list...

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From a M.O.S. radio session, 5.18.2001

dance party

In step feat. Mintzy Berry I Can Do Bad All Myself (Rooster´s Banging Vocal Mix)

Reasonance feat. Burrells DJ (Full Intention Club Mix)

DJ Sneak Smokey Hill Street (Smokey Mix)

Crown Heights Affair Dreaming A Dream (Classic Mix)

Onionz & Master D Celia´s Groove

Dark Flower Love Will Bring Us Back Together (Illicit Dub)

Demon vs Heartbreaker You Are My High (Dub Mix)

Just Us What A Night (Angel Moraes & Ronnie Ventura Mix)

Norman Bass How U Like Bass (DJ Elite Mix)

DJ Dan Needle Damage (Halo Varga Terry Mullen Speaker Phreaker Mix)

Oliver Klein Rheinkraft (Corvin Dalek Rhein & Rhaus Mix)

Ivan Gorki

Kamaya Painters Wasteland (Original Mix)

Mas Y Mas Koyaanisqatsi (Chris Zippel Remix)

Rising Star Touch Me (Vincent De Moor Mix)

session show

Sureal You Take My Breath Away

Noel Sanger No Greater Love

Johnny Vicious Breathe

Megamind Strum and Drang

DJ Darkzone Watching You

Johnny Vicious Breathe

Operatica Melancoly Rose

Phuture Phunk Der Klang

Marco V Certainly

Now, would anyone happen to have this set????? :)

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The last set you posted is the set that JV is featured on MOS's "Club Nation America" mix with Tall Paul..

Heres the tracklist:


Johnny Vicious - Breathe (Filter Factory Mix)

Phuture Phunk - Der Klang (Junk Project Mix)

Johnny Vicious feat. Nina Maitiri - Here with Me

Marc et Claude - I Need Your Lovin (Like Sunshine)

Operatica - Melancholy Rose (Richie Santana Mix)

BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid Echophlex)

Noel Sanger - No Greater Love (Tour de Force Vocal)

Aurora - Ordinary World (Above & Beyond Mix)

Delerium - Silence (Tiesto)

Megamind - Sturm & Drang (Pleasure Mix)

Svenson & Gielen - Beauty of Silence (Original Club Mix)

DJ Darkzone - Watchting You (Non Vocal Club Mix)

Paul van Dyk - We Are Alive (Breathless Mix)

Sureal - You Take My Breath Away

IMO.. one of JV's best sets..

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