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New to Philly *HELP*

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all the good spots are real small but got the beats.....

Fluid, wed night, progressive with a sick sick lineup for fall, jimmy van M, parks and wilson, lawler nov 20, just go on wed nights no dress code..., thurs DnB, dieselboy resident

Soma on mondays

Sunday nights a couple places too

one-offs at transit, Deep Dish thanksgiving eve

Oct 3, Thurs, Danny Howells at shampoo

Oct 12th Acosta at Shampoo

read the city paper and the philadelphia weekly it has the listings for everything

good luck.....and also go to m-a-n-e-o dot com

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Originally posted by gabe32

some good place to check out on weekends are fridays at tribecca with adam freemer. saturdays either loungy at spice with rodrigo or static with Randall jones, scott melker.


TRIBECCA is full of people that for some reason think they need to act like they have money and for some reason are completely unfriendly (probably because all their girls were checkin' me out!!!)...not to mention, noone there can dance...the place is full of drunk a-holes!!!

STATIC sucks just like LIFE did before it!

planetlawler...your best bet if you want to stay in philly is to hit the late nights at SHAMPOO. EVOLUTION, and TRANSIT.

and if you are cool with the gay scene, 2-4 is open the 28th/29th until 10am. it's definitely a lot to handle as a straight guy, but a very friendly environment. on late nights it gets pretty mixed because there is no other place to go. lots of bisexual girls!!! (btw, you need to go with a member or buy a membership)

i recommend a trip to NYC for VINYL on fridays and SOUND FACTORY on saturdays.

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Well as a true househead and dt fan for many years I can say I am one of the only few people in this town playing house grooves and NOT progressive sounds if that's what you are looking for. Wednesdays at Fluid is an excellent time with more progressive oriented dj's.

Transit is closed, evolotion does hip-hop on Fridays and Shampoo plays modern rock now on saturdays with some extremely lame dj on Friday instead of legendary Philly staple Robbie Tronco who no longer works there.

Philly is not nyc, so dont have any expectations. If you want to go out on a Wednesday I suggest Fluid, Friday I suggest my party at Tribecca (TWISTED Friday). Stop by my website for more info if you like: www.adamfreemer.com



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well mondays at Soma are out of control every week..it is super small with one of the most varied crowds..music is deep to prog house..deep c from Tigerhook is the resident..

Weds..we do our night at Fluid..tomorrow (23rd) is PArks and WIlson, the 30th-Josh wink, then for Nov we have Steve Porter, Steve Lawler and a residents night then Wink..

Tantrum residents Joshua Ryan, Vince Wonder, Mat Lutwyler, myself

Thursdays..platinum at fluid with deiselboy.

Fridays Freemer at Tribecca..

Sat Tigerhook at Static

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Lawler....I moved to Philly about six months ago and I'm still trying to find places to go. I have been to Fluid and I agree with everyone else that it's pretty good. I was in NYC this weekend and I've decided to make a monthly trip up there despite the drive...but I'd like to find people to go with me so I don't have to go up there myself....kinda not safe to go solo when you're a girl.

If you like house, you might like Jeff Heart, he spins hard/UK house, his company's website is www.wiggleproductions.com

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