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new mix tracklist

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The Bugout Sessions

Session 3 : Drums

1. Intro

2. Dark Beat - Oscar G

3. Bomba - Laurent Wolf

4. Tub (percussion) - Grant Phabao

5. Thunder - John Ciafone

6. Want A Life - Carl Cox

7. Andante (scumfrog) - Steve Lawlor

8. Psycho X Girlfriend (bugout & mentality) - Eddie Amador

9. Therapy - Neurotic Jock

10. Dance To The Music (rauhofer dub) - Laszio Panaflex

11. Feel The Pressure - DJ Dimas

I gave out a few copies at Euphoria and the mix is now airing in rotation of metromixradio.com

Mike Bugout

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sounds like another great mix man... awesome job....

Steve Lawlor - Andante (scumfrog mix) :drool:

ChOOse WiseLy


"The beats, the sounds, the lights that are all around your head; they close around you and cut off your thoughts ... as if it was a transposition of your soul."

- - - - - - -

AiM: EcstasyRvr

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Hey Mike,

I finally got a chance to listen to the Labor Day mix you sent me.

I've had it on my computer at work but I can't listen to it here and finally picked up some blank cd's.

I just wanted to tell you that sh*t is PHAT!

Great track selection, mixing is mad tight and it has a real nice flow to it.

Good stuff, thanks for hookin me up!!


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