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holy shit is all i can say!!! it was AWESOME to say the least. we got there to here about a 1/2 hr. or so of Gerard which was good, and then we heard all of Zabiela's set, and I was BLOWN AWAY. that boy sure knows what he's doing. he is such a cutie to boot!! i think he's like 21 or something, very cool kid. i hung around the booth afterwards to talk to him, and he came out and talked to me and gave me a little kiss on the cheek, so of course i'm hooked! :) real nice english chap!! i think he said he's coming to Boston soon with Porter!! definitely not one to miss. At one point, I was the only one dancing on the dance floor! I couldn't believe no one was as into it as I was. Never stopped dancing until they kicked everyone outta the club!


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This night was great! Both DJs impressed me to say the least! When we first go there, Gerrard was really throwing down some big records. At one point he played 2 or 3 BIG, prime-time type songs that had the place dancing like crazy! Definitely a little strong for a warm-up, but who cares! After that though he eased right up for the last 45 mins or so and played a groovy little set that led up well to JZ's appearance.

Zabiela was awesome! He just played a lot of really fun records, great, great sounds. I couldn't spot a single one and was loving it. His style is so unique, never heard anything like it... I can't really even explain it, it was just a bunch of good tunes with great basslines that had the system pumping! Unfortunately, it was a rainy over-booked Thursday in New York City and the crowd was WEAK. When we talked with James, the first thing he said is, "I guess I've been playing shit records. Bored the hell out of everyone." Poor guy... his set did NOT deserve that... we all tried to explain that it was the rain, and the fact that it was 4am on a work night... that seemed to comfort him a bit. He said he'd be coming up to Boston in December, touring with Steve Porter... AWESOME!!

Best part of the night... about 45 mins or so into JZ's set, Keri looks to me and says, "So, when is he going to do the scratching thing." I said I didn't know, and then 10 seconds after the words left my mouth, he started scatching it up like crazy!! I think he read her mind!! :)

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