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New Gatecrasher album

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Disc: 1

1. Walls Of Jericho - Head Honcho

2. Train Station - Vespa 63

3. Comet Crash Test - Innergy

4. Transformation (Push Trancendential Vocal Mix) - Push Vs Globe

5. Sahara - Euphonic

6. Magic Impulse - Exposure

7. Dark Sweet Piano (Frank Trax Vs Organ Remix) - Dark Suite Feat Aura

8. Answer The Question - Svenson & Gielen

9. Drunk In Chicago (Dark Dub Mix) - Methods Of Mayhem

10. Will You Remember Me? - Dj Atmospherik

11. And Then They Start To Dance (Jam X & De Leons Dumonde Mix) - Dj Snowman

12. Atlanta 02.02.02 - Marco V

Disc: 2

1. Broken (Way Out West Mix) - Lustral

2. Cloudwalking (Beat Pusher Remix) - Pulser

3. Rococco - Kansai

4. Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix) - Andain

5. Time To Die (Seraque Mix) - Nitromethane

6. I’m Alone (Ronski Speed Mix) - Sun Decade

7. San Antonia - Fire & Ice

8. Sunspot (Dcml Mix) - Airwave Vs Rising Star

9. Someone (Vocal Mix) - Neo & Farina

10. Sky Falls Down (Armin Van Buuren Mix) - Oceanlab Feat. Justine Suissa

11. Melody - Lolo

12. Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix) - Chicane

Disc: 3

1. Star Point - Marco Bailey

2. Silver Bath - Plastic Boy

3. Second Wave - Signum

4. Café Del Mar (Marco V Remix) - Energy 52

5. Turbulence - Frank Biazzi

6. Play With Me (Bellfire Mix) - Boca

7. The Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix) - Rank 1

8. Follow Me (Derb Remix) - Space Frog

9. All Systems Go (Systems Mix) - Planet K

10. Reincarnations (Jam X & De Leons Dumonde Mix) - Steve Morley

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I liked gatecrasher the black cover however now the music is kinda really cheesy. It will probably go number one here and already target, hmv and kmart have the big posters and promo stuff for it.

I do however like the gatecrasher parties and I cant wait for the gatecrasher world tour which arrives here in janurary to kick off our summer dance festivals. If only they would give the c.d's a miss.

Quality not quantity is what I am after. Maybe I am wrong perhaps this one will be bettter!!

cheers Zade

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Yeah you are right in a way,They have all been a bit too commercial since Global Sound System and didn't really capture what was happening in the club,i quite liked the last one though.This one seems to have a bit more character to it and Hardwicks dics finishes with his signature tune Autumntactics so it can't all be bad:aright:

Where is the Gatecrasher event gonna be?

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They use to hold them here on the docklands in the large warehouses however they are being turned into apartments. Not actually sure where but it will probably be held at either rod laver stadium or melbourne park.

It is getting hard to find venues now with space big enough for events over twenty thousand people and close to the city.

Gatecrasher comes to Melbourne Australia in jan and also goes to most major cities in australia jan/feb

cheers Zade

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