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This is upsetting.....

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here watch this video



ALBEMARLE, N.C. -- A Salisbury man is out of jail after being arrested for what Albemarle police call the biggest drug bust of its kind ever in their town.

"Overall we have just under 500,000 dosage units and the total value is a little over $11 million," said Chief Ronnie Michael with the Albemarle Police Department.

Each of the little pills confiscated can sell for $10 to $50 on the black market. Each bag held 500 pills and police found 98 bags in all, plus thousands of vials of the injectible form of the drugs.

The vials were so small, one can barely read the labels written in Greek.

"We have eight storage container boxes, 2 feet tall by 3 feet long completely full of steroids," said Michael.

Police officers say they stumbled on the drugs practically by accident. They were investigating some routine break-ins at a mini-storage center when what had been broken into in one of the units caught their eye.

"Fortunately in this case, the officer had the presence of mind to look at what was in that container that was open," Michael said. "Had he not looked in that container, we would have never recovered it."

The mini-storage managers say they had no idea what was in the unit registered to 35-year-old Kevin Paul Moore of Salisbury. Moore is charged with maintaining a dwelling to keep a control substance.

Albemarle police say although this bust is the biggest stash of illegal steroids they have seen in their town, they will not be surprised if their investigation turns up even more.

"I think this just is the first of several arrests that will come as we do our investigation," said Michael.

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