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Top Ten signs you've been hanging around too many DJs

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I got this from someone on my other message board thought it was pretty funny

Top Ten signs you've been hanging around too many DJs


10. You've been linked romantically with at least three different DJ's because you're seen so often in their company.

9. It doesn't even phaze you to hear, "Yeah, I ordered $300 of records this week."

8. Words like Chicago, Miami, NY, and L.A. are descriptions of sounds, not cities.

7. You're expected to know the difference between a 606 and a 909.

6. You know that mixing isn't what you do to a cake, a board isn't used to build a house, and tables aren't for eating.

5. When travelling, one of the first things you do is look for a store that sells vinyl.

4. You can identify a track within the first 5 seconds of play, even when it's being mixed with another track.

3. You start calling songs "tracks".

2. A constant thought is, "Need more bass."

1. You can't remember your own telephone number, but you can clearly recall the title, artist, and vocals of an obscure song you only heard 3 times back in 1993.


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