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We'll miss you T.B.!!!

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Everyone wish tinybutterfli luck this week as she is stuck out in the Midwest somewhere training for work. :( I believe she'll be back in town on Thursday . . .we'll have to head out somewhere in her honor. ;)

Miss you girl!

'stina :tongue:

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Greetings from Dayton, OH :rolleyes: Man, our headquarters is HUGE! I've been here once before about 2 years ago but damn... I'm all turned around! I went from our 2 floors in a building in downtown dc to a 6 building campus (4 building off campus) in the middle of nowhere *lol*

I'm in training from 9 to 4 pm :( Thought I'd stop in here to say HI before I went to grab lunch.

Vic - I can't imagine what you could possibly want me to bring you back!

I'll be back really late Thursday night.

I prefer tinybf to TB - haha :D

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