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Trust - Yea or Nay?

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I really like the venue. It's a beautiful club, drinks aren't badly priced and the Phazon is amazing,


It's only open until two :( , you have to drive to B'more, the dance space is really small, and the normal Trust goers are the VIP club types who kill any vibe.

Is it worth it? I've been up there several times, but only once for a big name DJ, and I can say that I hated leaving at 2. If I had to pay $25 or more for the big guys, I'd probably feel ripped. Also, I just can't imagine watching somebody like Danny or Digweed for only a few hours. That's just not what they do, and it's not why I go see them. Even for Delta Heavy @ Buzz, I felt like we were robbed bc we had to leave at 3.

A bunch of you guys have been up there for Tom Stephan, D:Fuse, etc. Thoughts?

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well the only other option for the time being is a 4 hr drive to NY to see top notch dj's, and Trust is only like 45min drive from Silver Spring...in a drunk condition i can care less about the crowd...i'll defintly go for three (if i'm in town), halloween (if im in town), chris fortier and....and....i think those three days. at least for halloween at least i can actually make it to work the next day so i dont have to take the day off.

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I was planning on responding to the topic, but you already brought up all the points I was going to about Trust.

I love the venue, it's real comfy.

Drinks are reasonable and they got a kickass sushi bar.

The sound system is incredible and so are the lights.

And I don't even mind the drive to Bmore.

but -

Most of their clientelle are Clubby, not party kids. I don't mind them, but acting like a raver there draws a lot of attention.

and closing at 2am is just unacceptable for a real Friday night out.

I love trust, but how can you have events there, unless they start at 6pm?

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