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Sex Advice: My girlfriend won't give me head. What can I do?

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Here's a funny-insightful article i found roaming the web :)

"Try having a shower sometime with her.

Ok, if cleanliness isn't the issue, then you've got your hands full and it's going to take some strategy.

Most women that don't give head haven't tried it (or at least are very new to it) and have a mental picture of sucking a penis being weird and gross. It's unfamiliar territory and they're shy.

Get her to eat a banana or a Popsicle for you like you want her to suck your cock. It's an old trick, but it really works. Seeing how excited you get by watching what she does will get her thinking about it and help with making it familiar. It's also good to use this trick to help get a woman to train to deep throat.

To bridge the grossness part, buy some flavored condoms. The thought of putting her mouth around your piss hole isn't a pleasant picture, and normal condoms taste horrible.

Rent a porno and watch it with her, but don't rent the really raunchy kind. Go with a couple's porno- you want her to see that normal women give head, not just sluts."

lol :D

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