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My Latest Mix

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if anyone wants to chek out my latest mix you can D/L it on soulseek. Or if you dont have SoulSeek I can send it to you over AIM. just reply to this thread with you AIM screename.

it's called: Louie Corrales - CRL's Fawkin Around Mix -10-05-02.mp3

it's nothing special... Just something to add to your cd collection if you want.

let me know what you guys think...


Louie Lou...

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Whats up Torres...

YEAH its been a real long time...

I havent really been spinning since I was back at school took a long ass break (had to graduate... and then when I finally did had to get a job..)

now I am more stable and settled down.. so I am trying to get back into it... I am soo out of the loop though... I should be back to buying vinyl on a regular basis real soon...

I have also been making some upgrades to my set up...

how bout you... what you been up to?


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here is the track list to my mix

1-ANGEL MORAES SOUND SO GOOD (ralphie rosario mix)

2-Lydia Rhodes Away (John Creamer & Stephane K mix)

3-Robbie Rivera The Hum Melody

4-Reina No ones Gonna Change You ( JP mix)

5-Delirium Silence (Tiesto)

6-Oscar G Dark Beats

7-Antoine Clamaran Superdrum

8-De' Lacy That Look (Richie Santana & Denny Tsettos)

9- Robbie Rivera feel this 2001

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