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A Very Long weekend coming up and i need some advise

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Ok here is the deal....

I am going to a club on Friday night, i dont really want to go so much but i have to to get paid. I am gona get home from there at around 4am saturday morning. Im gona sleep for a ltitle while. Then i am heading out to a certain party on a certain island in nyc which starts around noonish. I am Planning on candy flipping there with just one tab and just one hit. Then when im coming down from that im gona do a few bumps to keep me going. See now is were i need the advise. me and my friends also are going to have shrooms this weekend (i have an eigth) and we are dying to take them. lets say we get back from the party at like midnight or 1 and eat the shrooms then we would still feel it after all that other shit we did. Do you think we should get home sleep for a few hours then eat them. Which way would be better or worse do you think... cuz i have never attempted something quite like this before.

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